The Model of Psychotherapy I use is called Internal Family Systems (IFS).

You might ask, “What is IFS?”

The Internal Family Systems model provides a way to help individuals access the Self and bring its natural compassion and confidence into daily life. Therapists, who have used IFS report profound shifts in the feelings and beliefs of individuals who felt previously constrained by them (feelings). IFS introduces the individual to a detailed map of one’s psyche, including all ‘parts’ or ‘sub personalities’ in their inner conflicts. The Self then forms healing relationships with each of them (parts).

(adapted, Richard Schwartz, Ph.D)

Sculpture by Alexandr Milov

Sculpture by Alexandr Milov
(with permission)

Another example of Internal Family Systems being demonstrated through this YouTube video from, “So You Think You Can Dance?” shows a young ‘part’ mirroring to an adult version of ‘Self.’

J.T. & Robert’s Contemporary Dance from “The Next Generation: Top 9 Perform + Elimination” | SYTYCD

In 2015, a video came out called, Inside Out. This video shows the relationships between all parts and the healing with the Self and the parts.